*NEW* Elderberry Tea - Herbal Tea Blend
*NEW* Elderberry Tea - Herbal Tea Blend

*NEW* Elderberry Tea - Herbal Tea Blend

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Made with elderberries, marshmallow root and cinnamon. A cold and flu fighting mix. Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes, coughs, skin irritation and improves digestion.

Coughing? Fighting a cold or flu? Elderberry tea is the answer!
Some studies have shown that elderberries can boost immunity to decrease the length and severity of cold and flu symptoms. They contain several minerals as well as dietary fiber, fat, and proteins. Drinking elderberry tea regularly may also help to lower your blood sugar by stimulating glucose metabolism.

Marshmallow Root in tea -
It may help treat coughs and colds.
It may help relieve skin irritation.
It may help with wound healing.
It may promote overall skin health.
It may act as a pain reliever.
It may work as a diuretic.
It may aid in digestion.

Cinnamon Benefits -
Good for stomach ulcers and urinary tract infections because it kills bacteria and yeasts that cause these. It also helps with colic, gas, and other mild stomach ailments. Has antimicrobial properties.